4 week email course:

Learn how to eat healthy on the road

Our course will help you eat healthier while commuting or traveling for business or pleasure. You'll receive 10 email lessons - one every 3 days. Scroll down to read what the lessons will cover, as well as what bonus items are included. The course is available to start today for just $29.99, which is less than you'd probably pay for your next nice dinner out. 

We will cover:

  • healthy snacks for the road
  • eating in a hotel
  • hydration
  • getting in vegetables and fruits
  • navigating a salad bar
  • fast-food restaurant choices
  • sit-down restaurant choices
  • eating healthy while flying
  • breakfast on the road
  • exercise and more

Also included:

  • recipes to make ahead
  • recipes to make in your hotel room
  • how to create a healthy eating travel kit
  • where to buy ready-made healthy snacks
  • PLUS - downloadable .pdf guides for eating healthily at several popular fast food chains and sit-down restaurant chains
  • AND - you'll receive special contact info for the course instructor, so you can get your questions answered during the course (or even after you've completed it)